Tips & tricks: 15 Poses and tips for a perfect selfie!

Every celebration or an occasion or even a regular day with your friends starts with a selfie. We all want our selfies to be Instagram or Facebook worthy, we love showing our friends our outfit of the day or sharing a cute selfie with a loved one or tagging our friends in a selfie after a nice meet. Here are some super cool poses and tips you can consider while clicking a selfie to make your picture look aesthetic and perfect to upload on social media! Make your selfie game strong with these pro tips and poses.

1. Lighting:

The first and the most pro tip to click an amazing selfie is that it should be taken in a place where there is good lighting. Selfie using a cellphone should be taken at a bright place to improvise the clarity and quality. Always avoid clicking pictures in shadows and dark places. Lighting is the best beauty product and you don’t have to pay for it!

2. Selfie stick:

This is one of the best tools to click selfie when you’re in a group and want to capture everyone perfectly or if you’re in a beautiful place and want to include the nature and the surrounding with you on your selfie. Selfie stick enables you to click a selfie using your phone from a certain height. You don’t need to worry if you’re not tall enough to raise your hand to click a good picture, just raise your selfie stick and click a perfect vibrant selfie!

3. Get the perfect angle:

The most important thing while clicking a selfie is the angle between your face and the camera. There is always a perfect angle to click a perfect picture. One of the best tips is to click your cell phone a little while clicking a selfie instead of keeping it in front. Try avoiding to hold the phone in front of you and hold it in an angle for a flawless selfie!

4. Use the right app and filters:

Selfies can further be enhanced by using dreamy filters on various apps like Instagram, Snapchat. One of the best and my favourite filters are Valencia and slumber on Instagram. These filters give an altogether different and vibrant look to your selfie.

5. Accessorise yourself:

Make your selfie more interesting and less boring by wearing a hat or a cool pair of sunglasses. Girls can wear nice chokers around their neck or dreamy long earrings! 

6. Express yourself:

The best way to get a perfect selfie is to smile from within. Show your happiness, excitement through your expressions. The best selfie comes when you have a broad smile or a cute pout or make a silly face to suit your current mood. Expressing yourself is the key to a perfect selfie.

7. Mirror selfie:

You can take a full-body shot by clicking a mirror selfie. You can make different poses and angle your body to the left-right, hold your ponytail with your hand and make cool expressions. Capture your flawless body and your perfect attire with the mirror selfie and caption it #picoftheday or #ootd!

8. Have a clean or a plain background:

For any selfie, the background matters a lot. A plain and a clear background enhances the overall look of your selfie. The entire focus goes on you!

9. Use Snapchat filters:

Do not settle for an ordinary selfie. Use Snapchat for some cool filters like the dog face, you can even wear a tiara with the snapchat filter to suit your outfit! You can also use the cool filter with your friend which automatically puts on sunglasses. Try the new filters and poses to make you’re selfie charismatic! 

10. Gym shots!

This is the best place for both girls and guys to show off their body and your enthusiasm for fitness! Click a full body mirror selfie showing off your biceps or abs, or click a selfie while lifting a dumbbell q Eww and use some cool hashtags like #fitnessfreak when you upload your cool selfie on any social media.

11. Pose with your pet:

Playing with your pet; dog, cat or any other pet can give you really co candid selfies! The unpredictable and cute behaviour of the pets can give super cool photos as you pose with them. You can hug your pet, point at him and make weird faces and use some cute captions just like many celebrities do! 

12. The two-handed selfie:

You can take a selfie using one hand or two hands, using one hand is more common. Selfie with two hands lets you adjust the frame accurately and is a very good pose for girls! Hold your phone with both the hands and tilt it in the angle you fit in properly and make a cute expression to get the perfect selfie! 

13. Pose with something new:

You can be different from others and attract peoples attention by posing with some new things you bought like sunglasses, or your new hair colour, hair cut! 

14. Click a selfie from slightly above:

This position gives a perfect image of your face and is more flattering than the ones taken from below. All you have to do is raise your arm slightly and click a picture. This also makes you look fit and gives the perfect lighting to your picture. 

15. Tilt to your side:

This is the best way to look slim or to hide your little tummy! Turn a little sideways while you’re clicking a picture and flaunt your body without worrying about looking fat. This pose is also great for guys to flaunt their shoulders and biceps! 

Use these amazing tips and poses to make your selfie game strong! You can now have perfect options to upload on any social media. Click selfies in a clean background, a place which has good lighting, use a selfie stick, smile or make natural weird expression and try all the poses mentioned above for a perfect and a flawless picture and attract your followers on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media.