Easter Egg Hunt

For those that are thinking what do you mean Easter Egg on your site?!?! What we mean is something that shouldn’t be there. If you can find it then message us and let us know. 🙂 We will update you on how many have it right next Sunday. Because we’ve had a whip round… There is a $50 Amazon.com voucher available!

If more than one person finds the Easter Egg by the first weekend… each will be assigned a number,…+.+.+. and a random number generator will be used. Only one entry per person please. 🙂

Winner’s will initially be selected from readers who can find the Easter Egg before 14th April 2019 so they can use it to help with any Easter Presents to loved ones or themselves. 🙂 The Giftcard Winner will be announced on Easter Sunday. Happy hunting!